How to resolve the issue ‘Brother Printer is connected to Wi-Fi but offline’?

Brother Printer says offline albeit it connected to the Wi-Fi, it happens when your Printer is unable to speak together with your PC. Under the conditions, you ought to try changing a printer’s status from ‘offline’ to ‘online’.

  • Make sure to possess your printer turned on and connected to Wi-Fi network as your computer. The built-in menu of your printer will show the network to which the printer is connected.
  • Check whether your printer is about to ‘Use Printer in Offline mode’. To verify, attend “Start Menu” > Settings > Devices > Printers and Scanners then , select your Printer > Open Opaque.
  • Beneath the Printer status, uncheck if your printer is about on ‘Use Offline Mode’
  • If the above steps prove unhelpful in resolving the difficulty , try the troubleshooting steps to bring it back to life

Bullet points to resolve ‘Brother Printer is Offline’ issue

  • Check if your Brother is turned on with none shortage of power supply
  • Check the cables and ports of your printer is connected to the pc properly
  • Make sure your printer is receiving endless supply of power
  • Make sure to line your Brother Printer on default printer mode
  • Delete all print jobs from the devices and printer window
  • Check the Printer status within the Devices and printers window
  • Make sure to possess all the newest Printer drivers installed on your computer
  • Make sure the Ethernet port is connected properly if your printer is using Wi-Fi network

Connect Brother Printer to Wifi | Brother Printer Drivers | brother printer default admin password

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